GLOSDEAL - An expert in the real estate (RE) culture industry, developed and created by Ludy Shadian. GLOSDEAL specializes in commercial and residential investments all over Israel, providing help with Aliyah, business relocation, consulting, and management.

GLOSDEAL brings a sharp, innovative vision to the RE industry. With 23 years of experience in the RE industry in NYC, Ludy has a deep understanding of customers' needs. Her successful career, hard work, and excellent ethics have granted her elite-level expertise across a plethora of property types and customized goals. Through this, GLOSDEAL has established an incredible worldwide network.

GLOSDEAL is an expert in Residential Sales, Marketing, and Management, Real Estate Investments, and Commercial Hospitality Retail, all while excelling in customizing portfolios for our clients.

GLOSDEAL’s newest approach to conventional brokerage and real estate culture combines fierce intelligence with a friendly demeanor to achieve the most profound results for our dear GLOSDEAL customers.

As the founder of GLOSDEAL, Ludy prides herself on her highly professional skills, knowledge, ethics, and devotion to hard work and unfailing reliability. Getting the job done in the most effective and timely manner is a cornerstone of the GLOSDEAL approach.

Be a part of the GLOSDEAL Family. Let's Shine Together!

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Our wide range of services are backed by industry knowledge and our passion to help clients find solutions perfectly tailored to their needs.

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No matter the task, we’re dedicated to finding solutions that work for our clients and help them attain results. Here are a few of the projects we’ve had the privilege to work on.

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